Zimbali Contact Numbers

Finding the right contact information can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. The Zimbali Estate Management Association sits proudly on Zimbali Drive, Dolphin Coast, representing a hub of activity and services.

Through this article, we simplify your search by listing all essential contact numbers within the Zimbali estate, from luxury accommodations to estate offices. Ready to make your call? Keep reading!

Key Takeaways

  • The Capital Zimbali can be reached at 032 538 5000 for reservations and information about facilities, making it simple to plan visits or address estate-related concerns.
  • Zimbali Lodge offers a unique experience with assistance available through their contact number 032 001 0550, catering to guests’ needs and ensuring a memorable stay.
  • For those interested in high – end accommodations at Zimbali Suites, contacting them directly provides access to upscale amenities and services across the estate.
  • Golf enthusiasts looking to enjoy world – class facilities can get in touch with Zimbali Country Club by calling 032 538 1041 for tee times and event organization.
  • Residents and visitors needing support with estate management issues can easily reach out to the Zimbali Estate Offices at the central hub on Dolphin Coast by dialing 032 538 4300 for guidance.

Contact Information for Zimbali

The reception area of Zimbali estate offices with staff assisting visitors.

Finding the right contact information for various Zimbali entities is crucial for addressing your specific needs efficiently. Each entity, from The Capital Zimbali to Zimbali Estate Offices, has dedicated communication channels ready to assist during office hours.

The Capital Zimbali

The Capital Zimbali plays a significant role within the expansive Zimbali Estate, serving as a key contact point for guests and residents alike. With its direct association with the Zimbali Estate Management Association, it ensures that all estate-related concerns are addressed effectively.

The primary contact number to reach out to The Capital Zimbali is 032 538 5000, providing an easy and accessible way for inquiries during office hours.

Guests looking to experience the beauty of Zimbali can easily connect with The Capital Zimbali through this number or by visiting the zimbali welcome centre. Whether it’s booking accommodations or seeking information about various facilities within the estate, their team is ready to assist throughout the week.

This makes planning visits or resolving any issues convenient for both guests and residents, maintaining an open line of communication with one of Zimbali’s central entities.

Zimbali Lodge

Zimbali Lodge offers guests and visitors a unique experience with its contact number 032 001 0550 ready to assist in catering to their needs. Guests can call this number for reservations, inquiries about amenities, or any special requests they might have during their stay.

This ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience from the moment they express interest in staying at Zimbali Lodge.

For those planning events or seeking a luxurious getaway, Zimbali Lodge stands out as a premier choice. Its staff members are committed to providing exceptional service, making sure every visitor leaves with memorable experiences.

With easy access through the provided contact us option, arranging stays or getting more information becomes hassle-free for everyone involved.

Zimbali Suites

Zimbali Suites offers a connection to The Capital Zimbali, providing guests with an upscale accommodation option that seamlessly blends luxury with comfort. Each suite showcases modern amenities and provides access to the range of facilities available across the associated entities, including Zimbali Lodge, Zimbali Country Club, and Zimbali Estate Offices.

This integration ensures a comprehensive experience for visitors looking for high-end stays within this prestigious area.

For those needing further information or wishing to make arrangements for their stay at Zimbali Suites, reaching out is straightforward. One can expect detailed assistance on reservations, facilities available during their visit, and any special requests they might have.

With its luxurious offerings and direct line to connected services and amenities across the broader estate, staying at Zimbali Suites promises an unrivaled vacation or business trip experience in one of South Africa’s most sought-after destinations.

Zimbali Country Club

For those looking to get in touch with Zimbali Country Club, the primary contact number is 032 538 1041. This information proves essential for anyone aiming to make reservations, inquire about membership details, or seek answers to specific questions related to the club’s facilities and offerings.

The club stands as a sought-after destination for golf enthusiasts and visitors seeking top-notch leisure experiences within the lush landscapes of Zimbali.

Guests can expect exceptional service and a memorable experience at this prestigious establishment. The country club prides itself on offering world-class golfing facilities amidst scenic beauty, making every visit truly unforgettable.

Whether it’s for booking tee times or organizing special events, contacting the club directly ensures personalized attention and care tailored to individual needs without dealing with third-party cookies or intermediaries.

Zimbali Estate Offices

Zimbali Estate Offices serve as a central hub for residents and visitors on Zimbali Drive, Dolphin Coast, 4399, South Africa. The office staff assist with inquiries related to estate management, sales, lettings, and other services essential to the community’s well-being.

They provide support from a prime location ensuring accessibility for all.

Reaching out is easy; one only needs to dial 032 538 4300 to connect with a representative ready to address questions and offer guidance. Their expertise ensures that every interaction is informative, aiming to resolve concerns or facilitate requests efficiently.

This personal touch reinforces the estate’s commitment to excellence in service and community satisfaction.

How to Contact Zimbali for Different Needs

A modern office space with diverse individuals and communication devices.

Reaching out to Zimbali for various inquiries requires knowing the right channels. Each department, from sales to estate management, offers specific contact details for efficient communication.

Sales and Letting Queries

Handling sales and letting queries for properties within Zimbali requires direct communication with either the agent or the owner. This straightforward approach ensures potential buyers or renters receive accurate and up-to-date information.

  1. Identify the property of interest: Start by pinpointing which home or estate sparks your curiosity. Each listing provides unique features, amenities, and pricing.
  2. Find contact details: For Zimbali Holiday Home rentals or purchases, locate the contact information appended to the listing. This could be an agent’s phone number or an owner’s email address.
  3. Prepare your questions: Compile a list of inquiries related to the property. Consider asking about lease terms, property maintenance, community rules, and any included facilities.
  4. Schedule a viewing: Request to see the property in person to assess its condition, location, and suitability for your needs. An in-person visit can provide insights that photos cannot.
  5. Discuss financials: Talk openly about pricing, deposit requirements, and any additional fees. Understanding all costs involved helps in making an informed decision.
  6. Inquire about application procedures: Learn about the steps needed to apply for renting or purchasing the property. Each agent or owner might have a different process.
  7. Ask about estate management services: Given that Zimbali Estate Management Association is located on Zimbali Drive, Dolphin Coast, South Africa, inquire how they handle estate-related matters for residents.
  8. Security measures: Query about security services and risk management practices within Zimbali to ensure safety and peace of mind during your stay or ownership period.
  9. Clarify maintenance responsibilities: Determine who is responsible for maintaining the property and handling repairs if needed – particularly important for renters to know what obligations fall on them versus the landlord or estate management.

Estate Management Inquiries

Managing an estate like Zimbali requires attention to detail and effective communication. For inquiries related to estate management, Zimbali Estate Management Association is your go-to resource, located conveniently on Zimbali Drive, Dolphin Coast, 4399, South Africa. Here are the steps and information you’ll need:

  1. Visit the Zimbali Welcome Centre: Start your inquiry by visiting the Welcome Centre. Staff there are ready to assist with general questions and can guide you on where to find more specific information.
  2. Call the Estate Offices: For direct inquiries, reach out to the Zimbali Estate Offices. They have a dedicated contact number for estate management questions, ensuring you’re directed to the right department.
  3. Refer to the Estate Brochure: For a comprehensive overview of estate management at Zimbali, including services and guidelines, consult the official Zimbali Estate Brochure. This document is rich in details about managing properties within the estate.
  4. Email for Detailed Inquiries: When your question requires more detailed information or you need to submit documents, email is your best option. The Estate Offices provide an email address specifically for this purpose.
  5. Utilize Online Resources: Don’t forget about online resources available through Zimbali’s website. Often you can find forms and FAQs that answer common questions about estate management.
  6. Attend Homeowners Meetings: Active participation in homeowners meetings gives you a platform to voice concerns and get updates directly from estate management officials.

Security and Risk Management Issues

Ensuring security and managing risks within Zimbali Estate requires comprehensive strategies. The estate dedicates substantial resources to these efforts, focusing on safety and peace of mind for residents and visitors.

  • Conduct Regular Security Assessments: Zimbali Estate carries out frequent security evaluations to identify potential vulnerabilities within the property. These assessments help in adjusting strategies to deter threats effectively.
  • Implement Advanced Surveillance Systems: High-tech cameras and surveillance equipment are installed throughout the estate. This technology aids in monitoring activities, ensuring quick responses to any suspicious behavior.
  • Offer Security Training Programs: Staff members receive periodic training on the latest security protocols. This ensures that everyone is prepared to handle various situations, from minor incidents to emergencies.
  • Utilize Controlled Access Points: Entry and exit points are strictly regulated. Visitors undergo a verification process, while residents use secure access methods, enhancing overall estate safety.
  • Maintain a 24/7 Security Hotline: For immediate security concerns or risk management issues, Zimbali provides contact numbers: 032 538 4200 or 032 007 0100. These lines ensure assistance is always available.
  • Collaborate with Local Law Enforcement: The estate works closely with local police departments. This partnership allows for quicker response times during emergencies and contributes to a safer community environment.
  • Organize Community Awareness Programs: Residents participate in events designed to raise awareness about safety measures and preventive actions they can take to reduce risks within their community.
  • Deploy Mobile Patrol Units: To supplement stationary security measures, mobile units patrol the estate regularly. These patrols act as an additional deterrent against unauthorized activities.

Facilities Management Concerns

Moving away from security and risk management, the focus now shifts to facilities management concerns within Zimbali. Efficient facilities management is essential for maintaining the high standards of living and operations expected in Zimbali.

  • Report Maintenance Issues: If you encounter any maintenance problems within Zimbali’s properties, such as The Capital Zimbali or Zimbali Suites, report them immediately. This includes issues like plumbing problems, electrical faults, or structural repairs needed.
  • Landscaping Requests: For residents and guests wanting specific landscaping needs met around their properties or communal areas, reaching out with your requests is straightforward. The dedicated team ensures the estate’s beauty is upheld through meticulous care.
  • Cleaning Services Coordination: Whether it’s regular housekeeping for your property or thorough cleaning services for communal spaces, coordinating with the facilities team helps maintain cleanliness standards throughout the estate.
  • Booking Community Facilities: For those looking to use community facilities such as meeting rooms at the Zimbali Country Club or event spaces within the estate, booking through the correct channels ensures availability and proper setup.
  • Feedback on Amenities: Providing feedback on existing amenities helps in enhancing services. Whether it’s suggestions for gym equipment at The Capital Zimbali or ideas for new leisure activities, your input is valuable.
  • Emergency Repairs Reporting: In cases of emergency repairs needed within any of Zimbali’s establishments, prompt reporting allows for quick action to avoid further inconvenience or damage.


Getting in touch with Zimbali’s various entities is now straightforward, thanks to the detailed contact information provided. Whether your interest lies in bookings, estate management inquiries, or security concerns, the right numbers are at your fingertips.

Ease of communication enhances the experience for visitors and residents alike. This handy guide ensures that connecting with Zimbali services is merely a phone call away.


1. What is the main contact number for Zimbali?

You can reach Zimbali by dialing their primary contact number, which is listed on their official website.

2. Can I get a direct line to Zimbali’s reservations department?

Yes, Zimbali has a specific phone number for reservations, available on their contact page.

3. Is there an emergency contact for Zimbali?

Zimbali provides an emergency contact number for urgent matters, detailed in their communication materials.

4. How can I reach customer service at Zimbali?

For customer service inquiries, you can call the designated customer support line found in the ‘Contact Us’ section of their website.

5. Are there different numbers for various departments within Zimbali?

Indeed, Zimbali offers distinct numbers to connect with various departments; these are accessible through their directory or website.