Ultimate Guide To Zimbali Beach Club: Dining, Events, And Tropical Vibes

Finding the perfect spot for family fun and relaxation can be a challenge. Zimbali Beach Club in South Africa offers a unique blend of dining and entertainment under the sun. This guide walks you through everything from the club’s delicious dining options to its vibrant events, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all ages.

Let’s dive into the tropical vibes awaiting you at Zimbali!

Key Takeaways

  • Zimbali Beach Club is close to King Shaka International Airport, making it easy for guests to visit and explore its unique blend of dining options, vibrant events, and tropical atmosphere.
  • The club’s restaurant offers a wide range of dining experiences from sunrise breakfasts to cocktails at the lounge, featuring menus that cater to all tastes with dishes like wood-fired pizzas and sumptuous cuisine.
  • Families can fully enjoy their time as children have fun at the Bushbaby Kids Club while adults relax by terraced pools or dine al fresco at the beach styled restaurant and bar.
  • Zimbali hosts exciting events such as the Tropical Heat New Years Eve celebration, offering music, dancing, and exclusive amenities to welcome the new year in style. Making reservations 24 hours before arrival is recommended for these events.
  • Amenities like adult supervision for kids’ activities ensure a safe environment where parents can unwind knowing their children are entertained safely.

Exploring Zimbali Beach Club

A couple enjoying a beachside meal at Zimbali Beach Club.

After learning about the allure of Zimbali Beach Club, diving into what makes it a must-visit spot is exciting. Located on South Africa’s picturesque east coast, this premier destination sits less than 20km from King Shaka International Airport.

Guests find themselves welcomed by terraced pools and comfortable sun loungers that invite relaxation under the sun.

Zimbali Beach Club shines with its exclusive beach styled restaurant and bar, offering al fresco dining experiences that capture the essence of coastal luxury. Bookings are essential for those eager to indulge in meals or lounge over drinks, ensuring every visit feels personalized.

From enjoying lunch with an ocean view to participating in vibrant events like Tropical Heat New Years Eve, the club caters to both leisure and excitement seekers. With direct access through Zimbali North Gate or Zimbali South Gate, guests can seamlessly enter a world where tropical vibes meet unparalleled service.

Dining at Zimbali Beach Club

The restaurant at Zimbali Beach Club serves up a feast for the senses, with expert chefs crafting dishes that capture the essence of tropical paradise. Guests can indulge in a diverse menu that spans from hearty breakfasts to sumptuous dinners, complemented by a selection of refreshing drinks.

Overview of the Restaurant

Zimbali Beach Club’s restaurant welcomes families with its inviting al fresco dining experience, set against a backdrop of beach-style decor and two sparkling swimming pools. Guests can enjoy their meals outdoors, soaking in the serene ambience while overlooking the vibrant pool areas.

Offering wood-fired pizzas and a range of sumptuous cuisine, the venue becomes even more lively over weekends with entertainment that captivates both locals and visitors alike. Operating hours extend from early morning to late evening throughout the week, accommodating nearly every schedule for those making a booking enquiry or simply dropping in.

Inside this bustling spot, children find joy at the Bushbaby Kids Club, allowing parents some well-deserved relaxation time as they savor every bite of their meal. Each dish reflects meticulous attention to culinary details aimed at pleasing diverse palates, showcasing why this restaurant stands out as a gem within Zimbali Beach Club.

Whether seeking breakfast, lunch, dinner or just drinks by the poolside bar – every visit promises memorable moments surrounded by tropical vibes and top-notch service.

Variety of Menus: Breakfast, Food and Drinks

After exploring the ambiance and setting of the restaurant at Zimbali Beach Club, it’s time to dive into the variety of menus it offers. From sunrise breakfasts to evening cocktails, each menu is crafted to enhance your tropical experience.

  • Sunrise Breakfast: Begin your day with a hearty or light meal as you watch the sunrise over the ocean. The breakfast menu features classic items such as omelets, pancakes, and fresh fruit bowls, along with local specialties that give a taste of the region.
  • Wood-Fired Pizzas: For lunch or dinner, indulge in the signature wood-fired pizzas that have earned accolades from visitors. These pizzas come in a range of toppings, allowing guests to enjoy traditional flavors or experiment with local ingredients.
  • Sumptuous Cuisine: The main dining menu showcases an array of dishes designed to cater to diverse palates. From freshly caught seafood prepared with exotic spices to vegetarian options rich in flavor, each dish promises an unforgettable dining experience.
  • Cocktail Lounge: Parents can unwind at the cocktail lounge while keeping an eye on their kids enjoying the two swimming pools. The lounge serves a variety of drinks – from classic cocktails and premium spirits to non-alcoholic options and tropical mocktails, all prepared by skilled bartenders.
  • Outdoor Dining Areas: Guests have the option to dine outdoors and soak up the tropical vibes. These areas overlook the swimming pools and offer a relaxed atmosphere for enjoying meals or drinks amidst gentle breezes and stunning views.

Events at Zimbali Beach Club

Zimbali Beach Club hosts a variety of events that captivate guests with unforgettable experiences. Among these, the Tropical Heat New Years Eve stands out as a vibrant celebration under the stars.

Highlight: Tropical Heat New Years Eve

The Tropical Heat New Years Eve at Zimbali Beach Club is a must-attend event. Guests can enjoy an unforgettable night with ticket prices ranging from R350.00 to R950.00, ensuring there’s an option for everyone looking to celebrate in style.

Music, dancing, and exclusive amenities set the stage for welcoming the new year amid tropical vibes.

To secure a spot at this highly anticipated event, reservations are essential 24 hours before arrival. Interested attendees have the convenience of making reservations online or by directly contacting the club.

This ensures that every guest can be part of the vibrant celebration without any last-minute hassles.

After exploring what makes Tropical Heat New Years Eve stand out, let’s delve into how you can make the most of your visit including amenities and services available at Zimbali Beach Club.

Making the Most of Your Visit: Amenities and Services

At Zimbali Beach Club, families find a haven with amenities tailored for every member. The Bushbaby Kids Club ensures that children aged 4 – 14 years old immerse themselves in joy with a dedicated kids pool and play area.

This unique feature operates seven days a week under adult supervision, letting adults relax knowing their little ones are entertained and safe. With jungle gyms and a kiddies restaurant on site, the club creates an unforgettable experience for the younger guests.

Adults enjoy the Mediterranean island feel of terraced pools, wooden pergolas, and sun loungers designed to provide relaxation in style. Whether seeking tranquility by the pool or indulging in al fresco dining at the beach styled restaurant and bar, guests find everything they need within reach.

Located just 45 minutes north of Durban and less than 20km from King Shaka International Airport, Zimbali Beach Club serves as an ideal destination for both local visitors and international travelers looking to soak up the tropical vibes of South Africa’s east coast.


Zimbali Beach Club offers a captivating blend of dining, events, and tropical ambiance. Guests enjoy delicious meals with scenic views and vibrant weekend entertainment. The club’s facilities cater to both adults and children, ensuring a memorable experience for families.

With its convenient location near Durban, Zimbali stands as an ideal destination for those looking to indulge in the coastal lifestyle.


1. What kind of food does Zimbali Beach Club offer?

Zimbali Beach Club serves a variety of dishes, focusing on fresh, local seafood and tropical flavors.

2. Can I host an event at Zimbali Beach Club?

Yes, you can organize events at Zimbali Beach Club, which provides a scenic backdrop for weddings, parties, and corporate gatherings.

3. Are there activities for kids at Zimbali Beach Club?

Kids can enjoy fun activities designed specifically for them at Zimbali Beach Club.

4. Do I need to be a member to visit Zimbali Beach Club?

Visitors do not need a membership to enjoy the dining and some events at Zimbali Beach Club; certain areas may require guest access or fees.

5. Is there live music or entertainment at Zimbali Beach Club?

Zimbali Beach Club frequently hosts live music and entertainment to enhance the tropical vibe experience for guests.