Zimbali Golf Course & Country Club

Finding the perfect golf course that offers both challenge and beauty can be tough. Zimbali Country Club stands out as the #1 ranked golf course in KwaZulu-Natal, offering an unparalleled experience.

This article will guide you through its unique features, from breathtaking views to a luxury African-themed clubhouse, ensuring you find your next golfing adventure here. Get ready to tee off at Zimbali!

Key Takeaways

  • Zimbali Country Club is ranked as the #1 golf course in KwaZulu-Natal, earning its prestige from a design that blends natural beauty with challenging gameplay. It showcases an eco-conscious approach, emphasizing preservation and enjoyment of the coastal and forest environments it’s nestled in.
  • The course was masterfully designed by Tom Weiskopf, a celebrated former PGA and British Open champion. His expertise crafted unique holes that integrate seamlessly with indigenous trees, elevation changes, and wetland areas to challenge players while maintaining an environmental balance.
  • Offering more than just golf, Zimbali features breathtaking views of both the ocean and forests. These stunning landscapes provide a serene backdrop where players can enjoy nature’s beauty alongside their game. The renovated African-themed clubhouse adds to this experience by immersing guests in cultural richness within a lush forest setting.
  • Water and wetland features throughout the course pose strategic challenges for golfers while supporting local ecosystems. This thoughtful integration showcases Zimbali’s commitment to sustainability without compromising on gameplay quality or visual appeal.
  • Situated just north of Durban on the KwaZulu – Natal South Coast within the Zimbali Golf Estate, this premier destination combines luxury amenities with exceptional golfing experiences. It caters to various events including weddings and business functions, making it a versatile venue beyond its acclaimed greens.

Overview of Zimbali Country Club

Golfers playing on a lush fairway at Zimbali Golf Course.

Zimbali Country Club stands out as the premier golf destination in KwaZulu-Natal, offering players an unparalleled experience. Its unique forest setting provides a serene backdrop, inviting golfers into a world where nature and sport intertwine seamlessly.

The #1 golf course in KwaZulu-Natal

Earning the title of the #1 golf course in KwaZulu-Natal, Zimbali Country Club stands out not just for its prestige but also for its commitment to eco-conscious design. South Africa Top 100 Golf Courses recognizes this gem for its unparalleled blending of natural beauty with challenging gameplay.

Design elements carefully avoid disturbing the environment while offering players magnificent views that make every game memorable.

Tom Weiskopf, a name synonymous with excellence in golf course design and a celebrated former South African PGA and British Open champion, masterfully crafted each hole to demand strategy and precision from golfers.

This attention to detail ensures that both seasoned and novice players find enjoyment and challenge on the green. Moving beyond mere playability, Weiskopf’s contribution elevates Zimbali into a class of its own, seamlessly integrating indigenous trees, elevation changes, and wetland areas into its layout.

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Unique forest setting

The unique forest setting of the Zimbali Golf Course & Country Club sets it apart from any other golfing experience in KwaZulu-Natal. Nestled within a lush coastal forest, this spectacular venue merges the game of golf with breathtaking natural beauty.

Indigenous trees and local flora create a backdrop that not only enhances the visual appeal but also challenges players to adapt their game to the natural terrain. This synergy between sport and nature promotes an eco-conscious approach, with tee boxes positioned to minimize environmental disturbances while maximizing stunning views.

Players at Zimbali are treated to more than just undulating fairways; they encounter elevation changes that test their skills, alongside wetland areas and ponds that add both beauty and challenge to each hole.

The course designers have skillfully incorporated these natural features into the layout, ensuring every round is as enjoyable as it is memorable. With such attention to preserving its pristine environment, Zimbali stands out as a prime example of sustainable luxury golfing on the South Coast.

Key Features of Zimbali Golf Course

Golfers teeing off on lush green fairway in a bustling atmosphere.

The Zimbali Golf Course dazzles players with breathtaking views where the ocean meets the forest. Its distinctive water and wetland areas challenge golfers, elevating their game in an unforgettable natural setting.

Exceptional ocean and forest views

Players at Zimbali Country Club experience the unique blend of ocean and forest views that frame each hole, creating a visually mesmerizing backdrop. These stunning vistas not only elevate the game but also provide a serene environment where golfers can appreciate nature’s beauty.

Standing on the green, one might catch glimpses of the sparkling ocean contrasting with the lush greenery of indigenous forests, making every shot an unforgettable moment.

Ocean breezes mix with the fresh scent of forest foliage to enhance this tranquil setting further. From elevated tees to fairways that meander through natural landscapes, golfers find themselves immersed in a world where sport meets unparalleled natural beauty.

This fusion of elements presents both challenge and charm, ensuring that each visit leaves lasting memories beyond the final score.

Unique water and wetland features

The Zimbali Golf Course & Country Club stands out for its unique integration of water and wetland features across the entire course. These elements add both beauty and a strategic challenge to each game, compelling golfers to carefully plan their shots around serene ponds and through marshy terrain.

This careful blending of obstacles harnesses the natural landscape’s character, making for an unforgettable playing experience that pushes players to refine their strategies.

This harmonious incorporation of nature’s water elements not only elevates the aesthetic appeal but also supports local ecosystems, showcasing a commitment to environmental stewardship.

As golfers navigate these wetland challenges, they find themselves immersed in a setting that feels both wild and meticulously crafted. Moving on from the captivating allure of these water features, one finds equal inspiration in the course’s natural setting which seamlessly extends this dialogue between player and environment.

Inspiring natural setting

Golfers at Zimbali Golf Course & Country Club find themselves enveloped in an awe-inspiring natural setting that sets the stage for an unforgettable golfing experience. Tee boxes nestle within carefully preserved environments, offering breathtaking views without disturbing the ecological balance.

These strategic placements not only showcase the beauty of KwaZulu-Natal’s coast but also challenge players to harmonize their game with nature.

Elevation changes and indigenous trees add character and complexity to each hole, while water hazards and ponds weave through the landscape, reflecting the sky above. This unique blend of features captivates golfers, inviting them into a serene yet challenging world where every shot is accompanied by picturesque ocean or forest backdrops.

Such elements elevate Zimbali beyond a mere golf course into a celebration of nature’s elegance intertwined with sport.

The Renovated African-themed Clubhouse

The renovated clubhouse at Zimbali Golf Course & Country Club stands out with its unique African theme, immersing guests in a culturally rich experience. Nestled in a lush forest setting, it provides a serene backdrop for relaxation after a day on the greens.

Occupies a unique forest setting

Nestled within a mesmerizing forest environment, the Zimbali Golf Course & Country Club stands out as an oasis of natural beauty. Its location offers players not just a game of golf but an immersive experience in the heart of Zululand’s lush landscapes.

Tee boxes here are carefully placed to preserve and respect the delicate balance of the surrounding forest setting, emphasizing conservation while providing unforgettable views. This unique feature ensures each game is as environmentally friendly as it is engaging, offering glimpses into both ocean vistas and dense woodland scenes that are rare finds on most golf courses.

The Role of American Course Designer Tom Weiskopf

Tom Weiskopf, the 1973 Open champion, played a pivotal role in sculpting Zimbali Golf Course into a masterpiece. His vision brought to life the unique challenges and breathtaking views that define this premier golf destination.

The 1973 Open champion’s contribution

The 1973 Open champion, Tom Weiskopf, played a pivotal role in crafting the Zimbali Golf Course & Country Club into an iconic destination. His vision transformed the area into a captivating blend of natural beauty and challenging golf.

Drawing on his experience both as a professional golfer and as a course designer, Weiskopf designed the Zimbali course in 1998 with meticulous attention to detail. This allowed him to create unique holes that offer both challenge and charm, integrating seamlessly with KwaZulu-Natal’s lush coastal landscapes.

Weiskopf’s contribution goes beyond mere aesthetics; it ensures that every game at Zimbali is not just about playing golf but about experiencing something truly special. Players find themselves navigating through forested areas and along breathtaking ocean views, all thanks to Weiskopf’s expertise in utilizing the land’s natural contours to enhance the golfing experience.

The integration of such elements makes Zimbali not only a test for those aiming to lower their handicaps but also a retreat for those looking to enjoy nature’s beauty while engaging in sport.

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Zimbali Lodge and Country Club Golf Course Details

Nestled in the Zimbali Golf estate just north of Durban on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast, this course offers a vibrant mix of challenging greens and breathtaking scenery that invites golfers to explore further.

Located in the Zimbali Golf estate North of Durban in KZN, South Africa

The Zimbali Golf Course finds its prestigious home within the Zimbali Golf Estate, just a short drive north of Durban in KZN, South Africa. This prime location offers stunning landscapes and breathtaking views that combine the best of coastal and forest settings.

The estate not only showcases a top-tier golf course but also serves as a luxurious hub for players and guests alike. Clubhouse amenities include plush cloakrooms and a deck boasting vistas of the impeccably maintained greens.

Social events find an exquisite backdrop here, with capabilities to host weddings, business functions, and various social gatherings that add life to this serene golfing sanctuary.

Moving forward from its scenic geography and elegant clubhouse facilities, let’s delve into what makes the golf rates and green fees at Zimbali stand out.

Golf Rates and Green Fees

Golf rates and green fees at Zimbali Country Club are structured to offer players access to one of KwaZulu-Natal’s premier golfing experiences. With the club ranked as the #1 golf course in the region by South Africa Top 100 Golf Courses, guests can anticipate a value that matches this prestigious standing.

Fees vary depending on the time of day and week, aiming to accommodate both early birds seeking serene sunrise games and those preferring leisurely afternoons under the African sun.

Special packages also exist for members and visiting players, including discounts for junior golfers and group bookings through Zimbali Bookings, an approved booking agent with the Zimbali Estate Management Association.

These offers ensure that playing at Zimbali is not just about challenging holes or enjoying exceptional ocean views; it’s about making world-class golf accessible. From beginners putting their way on pristine greens to seasoned professionals mastering strategic play, everyone finds their place here amidst inspiring natural settings.


Zimbali Golf Course & Country Club stands out as a top-tier destination for golf enthusiasts and families alike. With its mix of breathtaking ocean views, eco-conscious design, and luxury facilities, the club offers an unmatched experience.

The commitment to environmental preservation pairs seamlessly with the sport’s enjoyment. Tom Weiskopf’s masterful design ensures that every round is both a challenge and a delight.

This unique blend makes Zimbali an unforgettable venue for players of all levels.


1. What makes The Zimbali Golf Course special?

Zimbali Golf Course stands out because it offers a unique experience similar to playing at the famous Old Course at St Andrews. It features beautiful putting greens and is part of the luxurious Zimbali Coastal Resort, providing golfers with an unforgettable round of golf.

2. Can I buy golf equipment at Zimbali Golf Course & Country Club?

Yes, you can find a well-stocked golf shop at Zimbali Golf Course & Country Club. This shop has everything you need for your game, from clubs to accessories, ensuring you’re fully equipped to hit the course.

3. How does Zimbali compare to Durban Country Club?

Both Zimbali and Durban Country Club offer top-notch golfing experiences but in different settings. While Durban Country Club is known for its rich history and challenging course near the city, Zimbali provides a serene coastal resort atmosphere where players can enjoy not just great golf but also stunning natural beauty.

4. Is there more than just golf at Zimbali Coastal Resort?

Absolutely! Besides enjoying the pristine golf club and putting greens, visitors to Zimbali Coastal Resort can indulge in various activities suited for relaxation and adventure amidst breathtaking scenery, making it a perfect getaway spot for everyone.